We worked relentlessly through the years to establish a methodology that would narrow down the error margins to the minimum.

By tracking the holes and triggers that often lead to translation errors, we gradually managed to update and refine that methodology to make it as fault proof as possible, thus allowing our service quality to remain up to our clients’ expectations.
Job request received

Administrator & Traffic Controller (ATC) quotes based on word count (250 words/A4 pg) and agrees with client on deadline.

Quotation approval by Customer

ATC allocates job to the appropriate translator, based on his/her:
  • Language proficiency,
  • Field of Expertise,
  • Availability.
  • Translator is provided with all the necessary reference material of similar previous jobs done for the same client, or in the same field.

    If a set of New Terminology is proposed/created for the job, it is submitted for review and approval along with a brief explanation on the source of the suggested translation.

    The Approved job specific New Terminology is given to the Glossary Keeper to be entered in the glossary, and indexed based on the category, field, brand, and Customer.

    When Translation work is finished, it is delivered to a Pre-Assigned Proofreader.

    Proofreader will make sure that the translation is free from typos, inaccuracies, inconsistencies, or omissions.

    When Proofreading is finished, final Translation is delivered to the ATC.


    If DTP work is required, the ATC sends the translation to the DTP specialist, who starts the DTP work and delivers the final laid-out material back to the ATC.

    The ATC runs a quick spot check on the final document in search of any abnormalities in the text content and flow.

    ATC delivers Job to customer in due time.


    ….If the client requests changes:

    • The changes requested by the client are forwarded to the translator who was originally entrusted with the text
    • The translator advises the client about the best choices linguistically
    • The job is re-delivered for the client’s final approval
    • The finalized job is saved in LingwaPlus’s archives
      For big projects with tight deadlines, a working team is formed:
    • Multiple translators with relevant experience do the translation work.
    • One project manager proofs after the translators and provides them regularly with updates on the project’s glossary, in view of streamlining the terminology as the project evolves.
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